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Here and Now

Brooklyn Brazil Bop at Joe's Pub NYC
In New York, I'm back to working on my originals that are based on Brazilian genres and odd time jazz, a panorama of different shadings you'll amply find on this website.

Rodrigo and Billy at Modern Sound Rio
My first unit was "The Experts in Relaxation" and featured Steve Schwab on bass and Michael Attias on alto sax.

I continued in this time to work with Rob Curto (when he wasn't in Brazil) and Ana Fonteles. This recent timespan is the main focus of this website and you will find ample documentation of my groups in both music and through the photo gallery. Prominently featured is my originals band Brooklyn Brazil Bop and the repertory group the Brazilian Acoustic Ensemble.

There is much that hasn't been documented or recorded such as my solo playing. I played weekly in a Brooklyn Heights restaurant for a year and a half while concurrently finding many private solo jobs by work of mouth and with the help of an agent.

Celsinho, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Kiko de Acordeon,
Billy, Rogerio Souza at Carioca de Gema Rio
This repertoire grew stronger as a result of the work. Unending jam sessions with my partners Leco Reis (acoustic bass) and Michael Attias (alto sax), amongst many others, have allowed me to keep practicing the art of jazz, while most of my work around town has been in Brazilian music.

I spent time in Brazil in 2001, 2002 and 2004. In August 2004 I played a number of times a week at Rio Scenarium and sat in around town.

My work arranging music for guitar never stops and I continue to transcribe jazz and Brazilian artists. In summer 2003, my book came out on Brazilian guitar. Hopefully I'll have time to do other books based on the material I've been creating over the last few years.
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Here and Now
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